Firstly welcome to our website I hope you enjoy it.

A little introduction about who we are and what we do. We are a classical vehicle specialist in the south of Yorkshire that has the knowledge and means to fix any aspect of your classical vehicle.

We cater for every one with all types of budgets. With our in-house body shop and upholstery departments as well as your mechanical department fully fitted with the latest technology we are able to sink our teeth into the hardest of restorations or modifications.

A bit about the team.

Andrew Proctor (Andy) – Co-Owner

Andrew served in the RAF for 6 years doing tours abroad to Falkland Islands and Gibraltar. His main role whilst serving in the Royal Air Force was specialist vehicle line, this is where Andy had to learn to think on his feet and find solutions for problems that had never occurred before. Using his engineering knowledge to source the correct materials and manufacture the correct part that is no longer available is a great asset to this company.

Himself owning a Chevy Impala 1967 he has restored this from the ground up and knows all of the aspects of importing a vehicle from abroad.

Jamie O’Brien (Toby) – Co-Owner

Jamie as well served in the RAF for 7 years doing tours of Afghanistan, Falkland Island, Gibraltar and many more. With his varied knowledge from the RAF being trained in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Cryogenic engineering, his knowledge of the engineering world is beyond his years.

Being brought up around classic motorcycles and classic cars, carburettors are his specialism.

Josh Ullathorne

Josh came to VC Restorations straight from university, having all of the theoretical knowledge pent up inside, he has now had over a year to put into practice everything he has learned. Always wanting to get the vehicle perfect and putting all of his precise skills into practice to create some of the most spectacular vehicles that leave our workshop

Jaroslaw Jelen (Garry)

Gary joined our team in July 2015. Being our first in-house painter and body work specialist, Garry has proven time and time again that no matter how “far gone” a vehicle is that he can with a lot of hard work and skills that anything can be brought back to life. His hawk eye for detail with body work and paint is second to none spotting little imperfections that a normal person would deem as “good quality”.

He still to this day keeps on surprising us with quality and detail to every job he puts his hands on.

Mathew Murray (Pop n Fresh)

Mathew (Pop) joined our team in December 2015. Being one of the newest team members and only being an 18 year old apprentice, has thrown himself into his work with such passion and pride in his work. Being overseen by Andy, who at the best of times is a hard man to please, is doing some fantastic work. VC Restorations are proud to have him on our team and will help him to broaden his horizons in respect to the classic engineering world.

His dream is to become VC Restorations top Engine specialist. With having the mammoth task of knocking Jamie and Andy off of the top spot we wish him the best of luck.

Thank you for spending the time to read a bit about us.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you in whatever way we can.

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